Friday, May 27, 2011

From The Vault - Exit 6 Group Shot 1990

One of the pieces I've been writing about in the collected Exit 6 book is this piece, done in 1990. I couldn't find the original piece anywhere on my last trip to Maine but I knew my Dad, for some reason, had a copy of it up on a wall in one of the upstairs bedrooms. So, for archival reasons, I had him snap a photo of it and send me a digital file.

The original piece was done in full color but the copy here is only black and white. But, that works for my purposes since the collected book will be all in black and white.

This piece was, I think, the first piece ever done of the full cast of Exit 6. I did it for a class project where, for some reason, we had to populate the piece with twelve characters. So, I had no choice but to finally flesh out a supporting cast for the book in the story that would revolve around Keith Howard and Courtney McKay. I did cheat just a little and did animals for three of the figures but I didn't get thrown out of school and they let me graduate so I guess I got away with it.

Once things settle down a bit and I get some free time on my hands and the writing bug bites me again I need to get back to writing the Exit 6 collected book. I hit a snag when I was discussing the book with an old friend of mine and a few stories were brought up that I didn't know how to reconcile in my head and it kind of screwed me up for a bit. Sometimes reliving your past as you write about it can lead you down a dangerous road. So I put the book aside for a bit.

But, it's still there, waiting to be worked on and I think, once it's done, it will be a really nice collection.

But, for now, thanks to my Dad for taking this photo and sending it along to me. It will really help in the tale of how Exit 6 came about.

Have a great weekend!

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