Friday, May 6, 2011

From The Vault - OilCan Drive FCBD 2002

I might have posted the cover to this book once before in the From The Vault Friday section but, what with Free Comic Book Day being tomorrow, I thought it was a perfect time to revisit it.

This is the first comic book I ever did of OilCan Drive back in 2002. I conceived the idea of OilCan Drive sometime in the middle of 2001 and this first book was done for the first Free Comic Book Day back in 2002.

I remember really trying to get this book done in time for that first Saturday in May, 2002. Not only was I trying to do a full comic book but this was the first book I ever fully colored on the computer and was putting together digitally. Up until then I was still painting with my airbrush and putting everything together by hand. So, I was pushing a lot of personal boundries trying to get this done under a deadline.

And not only was I trying to get the artwork done but I also remember the struggles I went through in trying to get this book printed in time. I think I finally got all the copies printed and bound on the Thursday night before that Saturday. I know I was cutting it close but it got done somehow.

So, when I read that this year is the tenth anniversary of Free Comic Book Day I really felt compelled to get something done for it. And since I had an almost already completed new OilCan Drive book ready to go I decided what better way to celebrate the tenth anniversary than to give it out an my local comic shop for Free Comic Book Day.

So, if you're in the area of Boulder tomorrow stop by Time Warp Comics and pick up a copy of the new book. I was actually early with them this year and gave them to the owner today. But, there are only 50 of them so get there early. I don't know if they'll run out or not.

And, who knows, I may even show up there myself for a while and sign a few copies.

Have a great weekend!


Sean Tiffany said...

I was going to post a link to Ebay where I saw a copy of this book for sale but it looks like either they took it down or somebody actually bought it.

So, whoever got it, thank you!

rob! said...


Sean Tiffany said...

Thanks, Robbo!

Anonymous said...

Fingers crossed. Sent an email to Time Warp requesting a set aside on the comic.

Anonymous said...

Mile High in Denver has a copy (or copies) still available as well.

Sean Tiffany said...

Cool. Thanks for the link. I did go to it and checked it out. It's weird to see a book you gave away ten years ago still for sale at a store that I didn't give it out at.

Years ago, when giving away Exit 6 sample packs in San Diego, I found one of them for sale at Kevin Smith's comic shop in NJ. Now that was odd.