Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Final Kodiak

I got some feedback from my friend about the Kodiak logo late last week. I had to sift through what everyone on the hockey team said and, from what I came away with, I rounded out the top of the bear's head, added some details to his neck, and gave him a few pupils in his eyes. Personally, I liked the idea of the white eyes for the logo but I did want to make everyone happy.

I also started messing around a bit with the lettering for the Kodiak logo and sent my friend a few variations of fonts that I thought might work.

Unfortunately, soon after I sent both these images off I got an email telling me that the team took a vote and decided, for monetary reasons, to keep playing in the old jerseys they've been wearing for a few years. Oh well.

But, not to worry. I never let anything go to waste. I'm sure I'll be using this image somewhere in the near future when I need a logo for a sports team or for a sign in the background. Everything here in the studio, even if it's not used as intended, finds a home.

But, if anyone needs a bear logo I can now sell you one. Cheap.

Have a great day.


rob! said...

That looks great.

Anonymous said...

I vote for I think #3, the one with the little feet on the word "Kodiak". Might be because I chose that font style for my business cards since it's called "The Tiffany Font". Excellent job Sean. Dad

Sean Tiffany said...

Thanks Guys...unfortunately the bear won't be least not for this project. But, I'm sure he'll pop up someday the first time I need a bear logo somewhere.

Everything here at the Sean Studio gets re-purposed if it's not used the first time!