Saturday, October 1, 2011

Happy October!

With a new month comes another new blog header. While I had planned to keep the blog headers confined to only original art done by me for the Exit 6 and OilCan Drive projects this month totally got away from me with a mix of client work, helping out friends, and getting some projects done that had nothing to do with illustration.

So, because the major league baseball playoffs started last week I figured it wouldn't be entirely out of place to put a baseball piece I did for Sports Illustrated Kids in the lead spot this month. And, that the player has a nice orange color to his uniform is just a bonus but it does give him that nice autumn October feel.

OK, have a great day. Back to work for me!


Life of an Artist... and Kick-Ass Stylist Chic! said...

Very nice new banner, baby! Good job!

Sean Tiffany said...

thank you much...hopefully more OilCan Drive stuff next month!