Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Making Music

The last few days have given me some time to myself while I wait for approval on a few client gigs. So, with some free time I've been working on a few music projects. If all goes well and I can get a few things recorded this afternoon it will mean that all of the instrument parts for the OilCan Drive EP CD will be done and all that will be left to do is vocals, singing, and then mixing and mastering the album. I know, easier said than done but the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter all the time.

I did another musical project this week that I figured would be fun to talk about. A friend of mine (who will remain nameless until the project is completed and out there in the world) did a little opening video sequence that he wants to use for a series of videos that shows him working on his various projects. He sent me what he had put together and, after watching it a few times, I could hear the music I thought should accompany the images.

I sent him a quick drum demo of how I thought the whole thing should be broken down and added some band photo images I have in a folder on my computer. Basically I wanted to make sure the look and feel were there before I went on and did the actual music. It looked like this:

We talked on the phone a bit. With the way I structured the drums I could mathematically determine exactly how long each image should be on the screen. I got the OK from him and set about to do the actual music. It was really fun and I felt like an actual composer for a commercial or a film or something. I just wish I could actually get a twenty piece orchestra into my living room and record them live. Of course, I would have no idea how to tell them what I actually wanted to hear. I can't actually write music and I've found that trying to explain to someone what I am actually seeing or hearing in my head never turns out quite so well. But, we make do with what we have. So, in the end, this is the music I came up with for the video:

He called me after I sent it to him and told me he loved it and that he owes me a lunch. So, I am going to consider lunch actual payment and call this my first ever professional gig as a music composer. That'll look good on the resume someday. ha ha.

OK, back to work on OilCan Drive.

Have a great day!

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