Friday, June 8, 2012

The Denver Comic Con

Just a quick blog post today to talk about the upcoming Denver Comic Convention taking place in Denver on June 15th until the 17th.

I've been so busy with the wedding and so busy with the honeymoon and relaxing these last two weeks that I figure I'll catch up with all that's been going on next week when I'm back home. I plan on writing about the events that happened leading up to the wedding, the wedding itself, and the adventures Monika and I have been having on the honeymoon here in Key West. But, there isn't much time to sit down and write since there's always some other tour we need to do, boat we need to go on, or bike ride we need to take. So I promise once I get back into the swing of things in Boulder I'll catch up a bit on the blog.

But, I did find out that my bio and art have finally been posted on the Denver Comic Con's website. For some reason I've been put into the section for the Animation Guests. I don't mind at all since it's a much smaller list than the comic book section and I'm sitting with some very nice company. I guess they had a hard time figuring out what OilCan Drive actually was. Is it a comic book, a web comic, a music project, some kind of animation? I simply check all of the above and figure I can fit the idea of OilCan Drive into all sorts of creative outlets I'd like to explore. So fitting me into Animation seems as good a spot as anywhere.

You can check out the full bio and a bit of art HERE.

OK, Monika is out of the shower so it's back to adventuring. Talk to all when I find myself back again in the great Mountain Standard Time zone! I'm enjoying Florida but I definitely miss home. See you all soon!

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