Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Little Late - Happy June!

Wow, this last week has really gotten away from me but I didn't want to get on a plane tomorrow morning without first updating the blog and the blog's header.

Here is the colored and finished OilCan Drive piece I did for the Denver Comic Con and, because I really ran out of time, I am using it for this month's blog header. I meant to do a new piece but these last few days have been so crazy busy that it was all I could do to keep my head up.

But, I am alive, kicking, still creating, and, best of all, newly married and happy. Once I get my feet back under me I'll tell the tale of what happened last week. It's almost like something out of a movie and it's a story that involves friends, family, horrible sickness, and even a night before my wedding celebrating my bachelor party in the waiting area of a hospital's emergency room.

But, for now, enjoy the new art and Happy June!

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