Saturday, June 30, 2012

Lily Inked

I got the new Lily piece inked up last night and so far so good.

The only thing I think about this piece is that Lily looks a little older than I intended her and a little too sure of herself. In the story I am writing now she is younger and a bit naive about things in the world of OilCan Drive. So I'll need to make a few tweaks, soften her a bit, and probably make her eyes a bit more wide-eyed and cute.

But, that's why I did this piece. To see how and how I didn't want to draw Lily.

Still, I think I'll finish up this piece by bringing it to color. She may not work exactly for the story as-is but I think it's still a pretty decent piece. Plus, I do need a piece for the new blog header tomorrow. And a month of looking at an older and sexier Lily doesn't sound too bad to me at all.

Have a great one!

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