Saturday, July 28, 2012

Last Days

The EBay auction for the Amazing Spider-Man piece I put up last week is on it's last days and will end on Sunday night. So, if you haven't gone over to take a look at it head on over there now and see if it's something you might like to bid on.

You can check out the auction HERE.

I ask because I was just hit with a huge bill from my Home Owners Association out of the blue and any little bit of money to help pay it off will really help. Actually, it's such a big bill and came so badly out of left field that I am considering putting a bunch of guitars and musical gear up for auction just so I can pay it off. It's that bad and that much of a shock.

But, even if you can't help out, go check out the auction. It's actually fun for me to see how many people are popping their head in to take a peak.

Thanks for always reading this and wishing me the best. You guys are all great and thanks for coming along with me on this crazy ride!

Have a great one!

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