Thursday, July 26, 2012

Red Cross Signed Posters

It's been a week since this happened but I thought it would be great to share this story anyway. Things have once again been busy this week but I really want to try and get back on track with the blog. I really miss how I started out this year blogging on a daily basis and I want to try and get back into that mode before the end of the summer.

I talked a bit before about designing a print for the American Red Cross volunteers down in southern Colorado as a way to say thank you to all the people that gave of themselves during the wildfires we had earlier this summer. The Chief Executive Officer who initiated the idea and asked me to do the piece really liked what I came up with and printed up about 250 of them.

And, last week, he and his son came by to have me sign them.

It was great to see them both again. I'd met them for the first time at the Denver Comic Con but, since you're meeting so many people there and it's an endless stream of talking to everyone at once, it was nice to sit down and have an actual conversation with them as I was signing the prints.

I learned a lot about the Red Cross and all the things they did. Honestly, I had no idea they did so much but it's really nice to know these people and services are there when needed. We also talked a bit about comics, how I did what I do and the things I've done in my career, and I showed them a bit around the studio.

In the end my favorite part, other than having some great company over, was trading some gifts with each other. The CEO brought me some Red Cross bumper stickers, a t-shirt, and a cap while he and his son left with a couple of printed piece of art and an OilCan Drive Henry paper toy.

It was a really great afternoon all around and it's something I'm very proud I was a part of. If I can't be out there fighting fires and helping people myself I figure it's the least I can do to show those people how much they're appreciated. So, thanks again to the CEO and his son (I am keeping their names private because, ya know, you never know.) It was great to meet you both again and thanks for giving me such a great opportunity.

Have a great day everyone!


Anonymous said...

Wow Sean. Well done, very well done. I'm so proud of you. Love ya.


Sean Tiffany said...

Thanks, Dad! Love you too!