Wednesday, July 4, 2012

OilCan Drive Pencil Sketch

Whenever I do a new comic book story there is always a page or two when I start the book that I end up throwing away.

So, I figured I'd get that out of the way early with the new OilCan Drive story I started last night. I sat down, laid out the page, and then began blue pencil sketching the whole thing. I didn't like the way it was turning out so I took a break. Usually when you get to a point where you know you're not going to use the page it can be fun to keep drawing on it just to see what happens because whatever pressure you had on you to do a "good page" is now gone. So, I sat down and kept going.

It's not a bad start but I can still see things in it I don't like. I've decided to keep the idea but change the camera angle of the shot. The piece in the photo is all actually blue pencil but I turned the photo to grayscale and tweaked it a bit so it could be more easily seen.

But, at least I got one bad page out of the way. Here's hoping the next page is a keeper!

Have a great Fourth of July everyone!

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