Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Happy August!

I have some news slated for tomorrow's blog so I figured I'd jump ahead a few hours and change out the header today instead of waiting until tomorrow and ganging up the news with the changing of the art.

So, Happy August, even if it is a few hours early!

This month's artwork is of Ryan Burke, lead singer and guitar player in the rock band OilCan Drive.

I did this piece for a new OilCan Drive page and finished it up before I decided the page wasn't dynamic enough. So, I went back to the drawing board and came up with a much better sequence. The one thing I forgot about laying out comic book pages is that, when the story and pacing is really working for me, it feels like music. I can't explain it better than that but it feels like the flow of music when it's working right. And the new sequence I came up feels like that to me. So, I'm on the right path.

But, I did come away from the first attempt with at least once nice piece of art I could use for the blog. He may look angry, but for Ryan Burke, this piece is from a sequence where he's showing a lot of different emotions in a short amount of time. I'm just glad I could re-purpose it for something else and still show it off.

So, happy August. I hope you all have a great month!

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