Saturday, December 15, 2012

A Little Joy

I found this video file sitting in one of the folders on my computer this week. I tried to view it but it looks like whatever codecs the players needed to watch it were out of date so all I got was the audio. In a last ditch effort I uploaded the files to YouTube and, what do you know, everything worked fine.

This video was shot a month or two after I bought my new home in Boulder in 2004. My friend Lou had helped me move and, in return, I allowed him to use the new pool in the complex. Lou was doing a lot of underwater photography at the time and would bring girls over, throw them in the pool, and photograph them.

One of the people he brought over and who I had the pleasure of meeting was a girl named Joy. Not only was she a girl who would allow someone to throw her into a pool and snap some photos of her but she was also an amazing musician and singer.

After her shoot we all sat up in my new place (which, as you can see, still had closet doors on the floor) and played some music. I turned on the microphones and webcam and captured a few videos of her doing her thing.

Joy's birthday was last week and I sent her a few of these videos as a gift. It was great catching up with her and talking about some of the old times when we first met and the few times I had a chance to record her. She is living in Hawaii now and, as she told me, hasn't been playing music much. That's too bad but sometimes things come and go from our lives. I just hope she picks it up again soon. Because I, for one, would love to hear more of her singing in the future.

This last week has been a busy one in the studio but there isn't much I can show off just yet. So, hopefully Joy's beautiful voice will make up for the lack of new artistic visuals.

Have a great day!

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