Friday, March 22, 2013

Sports Illustrated Kids November and December

Since I've fallen so behind on posting some of the month to month work I've been doing for Sports Illustrated Kids magazine I've decided to double it up today and show off both November's and December's illustrations.

I actually picked up the November issue of SIK while I was back in Maine visiting my family so I could show my Mom how I am making a living out here in Colorado. Plus, it was cool to go into my hometown book store and pick up a well known magazine off the shelf with some of my work in it.

Here is the text that accompanied each illustration in the magazine. The game is, as the ref, you, the reader, makes the call on the field. Let me know what you think:

1.) The Calverton Cubs have a two-point lead against the Malibu Sharks late in the fourth quarter. Malibu’s Evan Singleton grabs a rebound to start a fastbreak. As he darts down the court he loses balance. Trying to regain steady footing, he takes two dribbles with both hands. He falls forward but is successful in passing the ball to a teammate for a jumper to tie the game. The Cubs argue that Singleton should be called for a double dribble. You’re the referee. Does the shot count?

2.) It’s the bottom of the seventh inning in a game between the Minneapolis Lions and Wisconsin Cougars. Lions centerfielder Earl Maples is swatting a pesky fly who is buzzing around him. Fed up, Maples swings his left hand so hard hit gloves slides off just as a fly ball is headed his way. He doesn’t have time to pick up his glove and decides to catch the ball with his cap. You’re the umpire. Is this a fair catch?

3.) Mary Johnson is swimming the 100 butterfly in the regional championships. Johnson is leading the pack when her swim cap loosens and slides off of herhead, just as reaches the 50-meter mark. Distracted, she’s only able to touch the wall with one hand on the turn, not both, as she swats the swim cap out of her way with her left hand. Johnson loses some momentum in the home stretchand finishes with a silver medal. You’re the official. Is Johnson disqualified after her one-hand touch?

And here are the illustrations I did for the December issue. I looked through my email for the description of each illustration and I just can't seem to find it. So, you'll have to settle for looking at the pretty pictures while you wonder what is going on.

I'll try and show more of these Sports Illustrated Kids illustrations soon. I hate how they get so backed up. Once again, one more thing to work on.

Have a great day! 

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