Friday, June 21, 2013

Goofing Off

I had a little extra time last night before I went to bed so I started sketching out a picture of Nicole Baylor from OilCan Drive in a Tron suit.

I've been watching the new "Tron: Uprising" cartoon from Disney XD on Netflix this past week and I really love the design of the suits the characters in the show wear. I knew I wanted to draw one the moment I saw them and I figured, why not, let's put Nicole in one and see how it turns out.

What started as a sketch quickly turned into a fully inked piece. Once I started I just couldn't stop.

So, now that she's inked I'm going to scan her into the computer and add some color to the piece. It should be a lot of fun adding the glows and effects to the suit.

Wish me luck and have a great day!

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