Sunday, November 30, 2014

A Little OCD

Hello all! I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend filled with friends, family, and plenty of shopping and savings on Black Friday.

I celebrated my Black Friday by posting the last page (the back cover) of the second book of OilCan Drive. It took me a lot longer to finish that second book than I had originally intended but, seeing as this is the first time I've ever actually finished a second OilCan Drive book, I'm pretty proud of myself.

Over the years I've done a number of OilCan Drive books. Some of them were one shot, short story, types of endeavors while others were meant to be continuous stories. The problem was that something always came up, a new job, a bad review, something, and I would always stop the second chapter somewhere in the middle and leave it unfinished.

So, even though it felt like a struggle to get it done, I am glad that I've finally broken the habit of not finishing a second issue of my story.

And, now that the second book is done and ready to be printed, I realized I needed to create a few other pieces of artwork to add to the book. I needed art for the chapter pages, introduction pages, and my biography page. So I sketched out a few illustrations of Lily and Mr. Mucho that I plan to use in other parts of the print book.

I'll start inking them soon enough and, more likely than not, I'll be using one of these pieces for the new blog header in December.

And, after I wrap up the majority of the art and layout for the second book, I'll start working on the third chapter in my little sci-fi rock and roll epic. I am hoping to have it all done and printed by the next Denver Comic Con in late May so keep your fingers crossed. I figure if I can finally finish a second book, doing the third should be a piece of cake.

Have a great one, everybody! I'll see you in December!

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