Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Done and Done

I just got back from the voting booth doing my civic duty for the day.

A friend of mine was amazed I hadn't already gotten out there and early voted (as we're allowed to do in Colorado). She thought I'd have to wait in long lines all day just to cast my vote.

But, I have a few things on my side. One, I can go vote at three in the afternoon when everyone is at work. One of the perks to working from home as a freelance artist. Two, the biggest lines I have seen were people doing the early voting. Last presidential election, right when I moved into my new place and had to re-register my car with new license plates, I had to pass a HUGE line of people waiting to early vote. My thinking is that there are fewer places to early vote so there is always a line and the people who are really dying to early vote will stay in that line so they can avoid the "long lines" come election day. But, on election day, there are many many more places where you can go to vote so, just playing the odds, there won't be as long a line.

So, how did I fair?

I walked over two buildings to the old folks home where I was told to vote, walked in, took a cookie, and only had to wait behind one guy who only took up time because he had no idea where he was supposed to vote, if he was registered, what district he was from, or why he was there. I have a feeling his girlfriend dragged him away from the Playstation, drove him down, and made him vote. It seems he would have been happier sitting it out this year.

So, yeah, one guy in the way, I flashed my ID, took my ballot, used my best artistic skill to fill in the little boxes fully, and walked out.

Done and done.

Now, back to penciling the newest kid's book while I await to watch the results tonight.

Hooray Democracy!

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