Sunday, November 9, 2008

New Plastic Spoon Press Logo

Geez, Sunday night got here quicker than I'd expected. I've spend the weekend working away on the Stone Arch books, getting the pencils ready for approval on one while doing thumbnails and character sketches for the next. Now, to sit back for a bit and just wait for approval before the fun starts again.

As some of you know, in the middle of all the client work, I've been working on the OilCan Drive project. For those of you who don't know, the OilCan Drive project is a personal thing of mine that is a comic book, a band, and music all in one. Last spring I started writing a full length movie script that I finally nailed down sometime in September. The plan was to write the script, make sure the story was solid, and then start drawing my little heart out. Now, it's a matter of finding the time to work on the comic pages in the middle of all of this client work. Originally, I tried to do the client work during the day, eat some dinner, and then do OilCan Drive at night. I did two days of that before I felt completely exhausted. I think it was just too much creative energy expended in too short a time. So, now I am working on it when I can.

One of the things I have been doing is creating the little bits and pieces I'll need for when the book comes out. Things like logos, book elements, and making sure the font sizes I am using can be read when they are shrunk down to print size. And, one of the things I decided to do was give my company logo, Plastic Spoon Press, an upgrade.

This is the third time I've designed this logo and I've been using the name since 1998 when I first put out Exit 6, my first self published comic book.

This time around I wanted the logo to have a bit of a retro look that would fit into the black and white style the new books will have. I like that it has a 50's record company look mixed with a roadside greasy diner sign. I think, looking at it now, that it's influenced by my trip last year to Sun Studios in Memphis. The circle, the arced letters, the spoon in the middle, I like it all. And, since I left the word "Press" off of the logo for design aspects (I just couldn't find a nice way to fit "press" in there without making it look off center), it helps create a logo that will not only look great on a comic book but also on a cd cover, t-shirt, or coffee mug.

So, now I can be Plastic Spoon Press, Plastic Spoon Publishing, Plastic Spoon Records, or Plastic Spoon Apparel. The skies the limit! Let the new Plastic Spoon age begin!

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rob! said...

i like it! very old-timey and solid.