Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Verdict is IN!

Whew! So, I uploaded the "Walk Away" song to a few online forums yesterday after I posted it to this blog. I was curious what people thought, if they thought anything.

The first response read:

"No offense, but it's terrible. The guitar is very repetitive. The drums are not precise, (I don't know if you were looking for that feel), and I hate your voice. Overall, it's nothing new."

Ouch, and that was actually the best example of someone giving me...ahem...constructive criticism. I like how people start things with the phrase "no offense", like that gets them off the hook for them telling you that you suck.

The next comment was from someone who's profile said he was a police officer:

"If I ever want to torture someone... I will tie them to a chair in a room alone and force them to listen to this until their ears bleed.. Lucky for them it will most likely be halfway through this song. F*%king Terrible. I'm pretty sure the sound of you smashing your guitar, which you should probably have done by now, would sound better than that trash."

Well, I guess I can look at that as a good thing. At least my song would keep this public servant from using water boarding as their torture device of choice. And, I'm sure Congress could more easily defend music as a means of gaining information than drowning someone. Maybe I should email it to the CIA.

"Wow, that's just f*%king bad. Not only are you a fanboy faggot, but you have no talent either."

I think, in this age of the internet, where people can hide behind a keyboard to spout off their opinions, you haven't REALLY made it until someone calls you a fag.

A few other quick comments include: "It kinda scares me", "That was crap", and "Not too great I'm afraid."

I've been trying to take the attitude of something Dave Sim, writer and artist of the self published comic book Cerebus, said when people told them they thought his work sucked. His response, "Well, I like it and I have to sit and stare at it all day so piss off."

I've been trying...and, sometimes it works...but, honestly, it still leaves a crappy feeling in the pit of my stomach. A feeling that makes me want to burn my guitars, chuck my drums out the window, and never speak again.

I took a drive to clear my head out and brought a burned CD of the song with me to take a listen to it. It took me about half an hour into the drive to put the CD into the player and have a listen. And honestly, after listening to it ten times in a row, I can hear some places in it that might need a few tweaks in the mixing but, overall, I like it.

So, I like it and I'm the one who has to sit and listen to it more times than anyone. So, piss off.

Of course, when I got home and checked another board I had posted the song on I received this comment from a kid in Nepal:

"Whoa man..this once is really nice...really really good nice..every things like so this one has HUGE potential..good lyrics..good music..good vocals..cheers!!!!"

So, at least someone in Nepal likes me! LOL


rob! said...

i wouldn't take criticism from anyone who goes out of their way to sh*t on someone else's work. if you don't like something, just ignore it! those people are a*holes, forget 'em.

Josh said...

Well, if someone were to use your song as torture, at least you would be in good company.

A brief list of tunes used during "questioning" in American military prisons:

- Born in the USA (Bruce)
- Barney Theme Song (Barney)
- America (Neil Diamond)

As well as Metallica, AC/DC, Bee Gees, Tupac Shakur, and Prince.

So hold your head high and say my song is as good as Springsteen and Neil Diamond! And screw the haters - those can't waste their time tearing down those who can in a desperate hope that if the playing field is leveled in the mud, then their own pathetic lives will have some kind of meaning.

Damn the man!

Anonymous said...

I Liked it. There’s so many assholes on these message boards, I wouldn’t take it to heart.