Monday, July 26, 2010

Inking Away

The pencils have been approved so it's on to inking the heads for the new Time Techland contributors.

Because each of these guys have a beard, and since none of them really has a full on mountain man type of beard, I decided to try a new technique. They all have that slight beard that I didn't think would work well if I simply inked in the hairs with black ink. So, I inked the heads and then laid a piece of vellum paper over the top of the finished illustrations and inked the beards on there. I put a few little x's around each face and beard to serve as a crude registration mark so I had some idea where the beards went when I put them together in the computer.

I think doing the beards this way will allow me a little more wiggle room when rendering them. This way I can add color to the whiskers or bring the opacity down a bit so they aren't as in your face.

Here's hoping it works. Keep your fingers crossed.

On to the color!

1 comment:

Manu Mane said...

Ha ha ha, this is not stupid at all ! You're as astute as a fox ! :) ) ) ) ) ) )