Sunday, July 25, 2010

New Time Techland Illusatrations

I got an email from my contact at Time Magazine telling me he needed a few more illustrations for some new contributors to their Techland website.

One was for a second go-round of a gentleman named Peter. He was the first person I had drawn for the Techland website when they were first starting out. At the time they still hadn't worked out quite the style they wanted so his piece came out a bit too cartoony and I was really happy to have a second try at him. I hope he'll be happy with the newer style and the way I've rendered his beard this time.

I'm also doing another guy named Graeme. The only thing I know about him is that he's holding plants in the photo they sent me to work from.

And finally, I'm doing an illustration of Wil Wheaton, Gordy Chance of Stand By Me and Wesley Crusher of Star Trek fame. What's funny is that he amost looks exactly the same as he did all those years ago but is now sporting a beard.

Because all of these guys have beards and I'm going to try some new techniques to render them I'm dubbing this round of Time Magazine illustrations the beard sessions.

The pencils are done. Now it's time for some ink and color!


Manu Mane said...

Great pieces !!! :D

Sean Tiffany said...

Thanks Manu! And, good insight as to the mouse vs. the tablet. I never thought of the damage a mouse can do to your wrist and arm. I tend to use the mouse with both my left and right hand depending on what I am doing. So, at least I spread the work around.

Or just end up damaging both of my wrists :)

Manu Mane said...

Well it seems the fact you use both hands is a very good way to avoid this kind of problem. The prevent care also deals with ergonomy, and body posture if I understand what I have read correctly ^^ Then you may have a good posture to work, with the right angle of the arms, so the things go well.

I had heard about it a long time ago in an article dealing with office workers, like secretaries.... but I thought it was just related to typing ! I type with both hands, using nearly all my fingers, and never had problems since when I started to work on colouring more complicated drawings which needed more precision and attention to the details. I noticed this strange pain really "into" my wrist I didn't see the origin of.

I had the intention to buy a tablet for other reasons, the stilet being apparently easier to control, but meanwhile, I read a comment on a friend's blog. My friend inked his drawings with the mouse, and as we told him he was crazy to force himself to live such a nightmare (he tends to draw like David Finch so his drawings are very detailed and I wouldn't like to ink them with a mouse lol), a guy told him about the risk for the little bones of the wrist. I related this to my own problem. When I started to use the tablet, the pain vanished as weirdly it has appeared ^^

It seems the problem comes precisely from the fact of back and forth movement, or turning around gestures. It may be a kind of tendonitis and not a real bones problem.

Having said that, I have no tablet for several weeks now, and my right wrist doesn't seem hurt lol.... So maybe we can't make generalisations. But you can find some articles about it on the net...