Sunday, January 9, 2011

First Step...

I was never one to take the idea of a New Year's resolution too seriously. I never make them and the only time I can even remember saying anything about doing something in the New Year was five years ago at a party where we went around the room and all said what we hoped to accomplish in the coming year.

So, it's not like I made a resolution for this coming year but I've decided to make a few changes and do my best to get OilCan Drive and a few other personal projects out there into the world in the next twelve months.

So, with that in mind, I took advantage of a holiday sale that was having that ended this weekend. CDBaby is the premiere site for independent music. They have a one time set-up fee that allows you to put an album out there into the world as both a physical CD and as a digital download program that shows up in places like ITunes, Rhapsody, and

It was 20% off the set-up fee and you could put the album out anytime in the coming year. So, I signed up, sent in my money, and OilCan Drive is now the proud owner of a CDBaby sales site and it's very own bar code for the first album.

Now, I just need to finish recording the music and put it out there.

This may be a bit like putting the cart before the horse but, in my mind, it's very cool and very exciting to see the OilCan Drive page above all primed and ready for content. Whether or not I am strong enough to turn away some client work this year and devote time to my dream project is yet to be seen. But I hope having already paid for this program helps push me in the right direction.

It's not a big step, but it's a first step...

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