Thursday, January 20, 2011

What The F*@K

While I sit alone in my studio and draw the day away I'm kept company by a few things. Sometimes it's the TV, sometimes a movie, sometimes some music, and lately, it's been a variety of podcasts from the internet.

One of my favorite I've found was recommended to me by my good friend Jen. It features comedian Marc Maron, broadcasting out of his garage, interviewing all sorts of people he's run across in his life and career.

What's great about it is that, while it's a show mostly interviewing comedians and run by a comedian, it really gets below the surface of why creative people do what they do and how they think. All the weird stuff we all do to kind of psyche ourselves out and make ourselves miserable. It delves into us all seeking approval in some way, whether it's from a parent or the guy out there in the audience. And it talks a lot about how that one bad comment from someone you don't know can stick with you all day.

He's interviewed a lot of people you've heard of and a lot that you know about but don't quite know their names. Some of my favorites include Kevin Smith, Ben Stiller, Ray Romano, and even Robin Williams. You'd think, after all the Robin Williams interviews you've seen and heard that it would be the same old Robin Williams, manic and pandering to the microphone. But, it's so far away from that attitude I was amazed. It was the first interview I've heard of this man where he really talked about who he was, his fears, and how he got to where he was.

It's a great podcast and I'm glad it's around to keep me company.

So, go check it out. Each episode is about an hour and it's a great thing to listen to while you work the day away.

WTF Podcast with Marc Maron

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rob! said...

I just got into this show a couple of weeks ago, its great. Makes me want to start doing my own podcast!