Friday, January 14, 2011

From The Vault - Exit 6 Promo 1996

Ah, the weekend almost away from me again before I had the chance to write anything for Friday's From The Vault post. Once again, I scanned the art, uploaded it to the computer, even loaded it onto the blog, and then I saved the post and didn't get a chance on Friday to write anything. Of course, Friday drifts into Saturday and I find my self now, on Sunday, trying to write something I should have done Thursday night.

Have I mentioned yet that I feel like I am slowly falling behind in everything? I guess this confirms it. But, it's not too bad, I'm only two days behind the rest of the world now. I'm sure I can catch up. Or, it'll just have to slow down and wait for me. Either or.

Anyway, this piece from back in the vault was done in 1996, right in the middle of me actually starting to draw the Exit 6 comic book. I was penciling page after page, sometimes drawing whole sequences, thinking I could do better, and then starting it all over again. I think, before I did the finished pages you see in the actual Exit 6 #1, there are maybe three more versions of those pages sitting around here somewhere. I was a little obsessive back then.

In the midst of doing all those pages I was really itching to just do something and finish it. Something I wasn't looking over and over again trying to do it better. Something I could ink and color. Something I could just call done.

So, I did this Exit 6 promo piece for myself. It never saw print and the only reason I colored it was to play around with some markers I had. Yes, you heard right, this isn't Dr. Martin dyes or any airbrushing technique that I was painting with at the time. This is all regular markers.

It was a fun piece to do but, unfortunately, with the way the sales turned out on Exit 6, it looks like Keith will have to drop Frank off the top of the building.

Poor Frank.

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rob! said...

Woo! I remember this one, too. Good piece.