Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lou Tube

This is another blog I started the other day, uploaded the content, and then had little to no time to write anything about it before the steam roller of work buried me once again. But, I've found a little bit of free and quiet time tonight to reconnect with a few things I wanted to share.

Yes, I've been working a lot, doing a lot of art for clients, and helping out people around me here and there. One of the things I've been doing to get myself away from the drawing board for an hour a week is playing some music in the house with my friend Lou. Lou comes over, plays the bass and sings, and I play the drums. It's great for me because I love playing drums but, as my drum teacher said, the drum set isn't a sit around the camp fire and play it kind of instrument. It helps to have someone else there and play some songs with them.

It was in the middle of one of these sessions that Lou started telling me about his million dollar sitcom idea about a man who is abducted by aliens and the twist was that he really enjoyed it. As I sat and listened to his wacky idea the only thought going through my head was ,"why am I not recording this???"

So, I set up my computer, turned the webcam on, and asked Lou to tell me about his alien sitcom idea again. He said he would only do it if he could play it to music.

Thus began the first try at doing LouTube. The microphone was turned on way too high so the sound got all distorted. But, it will give you an idea of who Lou is and how his mind works.

After doing that first one I couldn't let go of the idea I had to do a weekly five minute Lou show. So, the next week we got the microphone levels right, played around for a bit, and put together the first official episode of LouTube.

The first official episode includes babies, aliens, a song about how Lou didn't get to go see the movie Tron, and an ode to a long lost friend of his named Liz Rock.

More are definitely on the way but I think I'll be too busy with work and doctor's appointments this week to attend Friday's taping of the show. But I think we had more than enough material from the previous week to still put together a five minute episode.

So, there it is. Enjoy LouTube!

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