Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Star Wars Commission

One of the commissions I've been working on while I've had the time this past week is a Star Wars piece for a guy over in Ireland.

After seeing the Angels and Airwaves' (AVA for short) LOVE movie a few weeks ago I began looking online for any merchandise I could find from the band. There were really only a few things I was looking for but I had no luck finding anything really decent. Then, while reading through one of the Angels and Airwaves fan message boards I came across a post from Europe. A guy had a press kit from AVA's first album, We Don't Need To Whisper. It was a CD sampler and a DVD all in one package. That sounded like a pretty cool item to me so I messaged him and asked him how much he was asking for it.

I got a direct email from him to my gmail account. And, funnily enough, the email address and name looked familiar. It turns out that it was Ciaran, a guy I had done some artwork for a few years ago for his band. I did it for fun out of the goodness of my heart and because I liked the music he was doing. It turned out he was the one selling the press kit.

We chatted a bit and he told me he had a lot more Angels and Airwaves merchandise he was trying to sell. He even had an AVA metal wing pin that I have been on the lookout for about five years. I've just never been able to find one because they are so scarce (as he put it, harder to find than hen's teeth.) But, he had one.

He asked me if I had a Star Wars piece he had seen me do a few years ago and if I could send him a copy. If I had it, I would have probably sent it right over. But, I couldn't recall the piece he was talking about (I haven't done too many Star Wars pieces.) So, I made him an offer. I'd do him an original Star Wars piece of the characters of his choosing if he'd send me some AVA merchandise.

Before long we had struck a deal. So, I am getting a ton of Angels and Airwaves stuff and he is getting an original piece of Han Solo and Princess Leia. And, I am also helping his band put together the art for their first EP CD they are recording now.

So, here is the initial sketch for his Star Wars piece. It's in gray scale so the sketch would show up easier but, at this point, it's all still in non-repo blue pencil. I plan on doing the detail penciling soon and sending it off to him to see what he thinks.

Who says good karma never pays off?

Have a great day.

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