Thursday, September 1, 2011

Happy September!

Another month and another new blog header!

After pretty much falling off the face of the planet last month (as it pertains to writing a blog) I'm hoping September will find me a bit more talkative about what is going on. There will be a few changes coming to the blog and I think tomorrow will be the last "From The Vault Friday" for a while. I feel like I've hit the back of the vault and, for now, I don't have many other old pieces I've found that I want to show off. But FTVF did have a great run for a few years and I'm sure I'll find a piece here or there in the coming months that I'll want to show off. So it's not going to be a totally dead idea.

But, until I do find that piece of uncovered treasure at the back of some forgotten portfolio the past is over and I'm looking forward to the future.

Oh, and this month's blog header features Keith and Courtney from Exit 6 again. This piece will be part of the back cover of the (coming soon) collected Exit 6 book.

Have a great September.

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