Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sports Illustrated Kids July Illustrations

I just finished up the illustrations for the November issue of the Sports Illustrated Kids "What's The Call" article and I realized I haven't shown off any of the previous illustrations in a while. Sorry about that.

So, without further ado, here are the three illustrations I did for the July issue of SIK. My favorite thing about the three of these illustrations is that the football team names were the Wookies versus the Jedi Knights. You just can't beat fun stuff like that.

Enjoy the illustrations and have a great day!


Anonymous said...

And the answers are... ?

Anonymous said...

I am going with: 1) Jedi ball regardless who recovers; 2) Fair Ball; and 3) Basket is good.

Sean Tiffany said...

Here are the scenarios for each illustration. It might help you make a decision as to what the call on the field should be. Let me know what you think:

Football- The Wisconsin Wookies are lining up for an extra-point after scoring a touchdown against the Jersey Jedi Knights. Wookie kicker Threepeo Lewis gets the kick off, but it is blocked by Jedi defender Han Choi. Choi returns the ball to the opposite end zone. If this game was played
by NFL rules, how many points would the Jedi Knights be awarded?

Baseball- San Mateo Growlers third baseman Jack Bentley is having trouble judging fly balls on a windy day. So when Oregon Leaves slugger Antwan Berry hits a towering pop-up in his direction, Bentley knows he’s in trouble. He lines his up body in fair territory to make the catch, but then must reach over the foul line after the ball swerves at the last second. The ball hits off Bentley’s glove and then lands in fair territory. Is it a fair ball?

Basketball- After making a steal in a women’s basketball game, Arkansas Rockers point guard Riley Endobo pushes the pace on the fast break. Endobo spots her teammate Jenny Moto on the wing and fires a pass her way. But the ball deflects off Moto’s left foot and then goes in the basket. You’re the referee. Because Moto’s kick was unintentional, do the Rockers get two points?

Anonymous said...

With the added information I am amending 1 as zero points as the play is over once the defence recovered the ball. I stand by 2 with the ball being fair and 3 with the Rockets get the two points.