Wednesday, April 18, 2012

OilCan Drive Inked

The inks for the newest OilCan Drive piece are done and here are a few photos from the desk of the progress I made today.

The first is right after I finished all the initial inks. You can still see all the pencils lines underneath it and the little x's in all the spots where I need to fill in the blacks once I get those pencil lines erased.

You'll notice one little difference in between the pencil sketch I showed off yesterday and the way the final inks turned out. I'd tell you what it is but I think it's more fun if you can figure it out for yourself. Let's see how well you do.

And here is the finished piece once the pencils are erased, the blacks are filled in and I've done some touch up with a bit of white out.

Now I just need to scan the piece into the computer, clean it up a bit, add some color and shading, and call this piece done.

I think I'll use it for a banner on my blog to point people towards the new OilCan Drive web comic site. I know I need to put a permanent banner up and I think this piece of art will do just the trick.

OK, on to the color. Have a great day!

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