Friday, April 6, 2012

Volcano Island! Part 5

While waiting for feedback on the color rough for the box art I turned in I decided to paint the main figure in a little more detail. Luckily, because the final piece was so big, I decided to cut it all apart and paint each piece separate. So mucking around with the kid didn't take much work at all. I was asked to have him lit a bit by the exploding volcano behind him so I did my best to make that happen.

And I finally got some direction on the little tiki token piece in his hand so I did a black and white sketch of that to make sure it looked right before I had him holding in.

But, big changes were coming and, while I tried to make everyone happy, the changes the client was making made it look more and more like I wasn't the right artist they were looking for.

More will be explained tomorrow.

Have a great one!

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Anonymous said...

I loved the last drawing of the "idol"; not sure if it's a new Stones Tour or not. I think it would make a great Peaks Island t-shirt which only a non tourista could wear like a badge of honor. Something along the lines of "If you can't take winter, you don't deserve the Summer" Happy Friday Sean