Sunday, February 8, 2015


Alright, February is officially finally here on the blog!

I finished up the newest piece of Nicole last night and popped it into the blog header as quick as I could. Sorry it took so long but I hope you enjoy the new piece.

I did a little bit of calculating last night with the schedule I've set up for myself to get some new OilCan Drive stuff done for the upcoming Denver Comic Con at the end of May. I figured out, if I do one thing on the list every day, I should be okay. But, I also know how some days can get away from you so I'm a little nervous about what's going to happen. But, I can only do my best and see what happens.

And, worse case scenario and everything falls apart, I'll still definitely have a second book in print for my favorite cartoon band. I really just want to go for it an have not only two books done, but three. And, fingers crossed and everything works out, some new music as well.

I just hope someone cares.

Okay, back to it. Happy February! Enjoy the next three weeks!

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