Tuesday, February 3, 2015


 How did it become February all of a sudden? Here I was, just penciling away on the newest OilCan Drive book, and the next thing I know a whole new month has rolled around and snuck up on me.

I've actually been so busy penciling that I haven't done any OilCan Drive finished work all month. I'll have to fix that this week and ink and color a few pieces so I can get a new piece up on the blog header.

Here are a few new pencil sketches of Nicole that I did for the third OilCan Drive book. The top portrait style piece will go on the "This Book Belongs To" page while the dancing Nicole will go on the double spread title page. I think both of these would make really great headers so I'll break out the brush and ink later today and get working on them. Don't worry. A new header will be up before you know it.


See you all very soon. Have a great one!

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