Wednesday, February 25, 2015

OCD 3D Henry Sculpt

Thanks to 3D artist Robert Bowen I now have my very own little sculpture of Henry, the bass playing ape from OilCan Drive.

Using ZBrush and 3DS Max Robert sculpted Henry in the computer while I looked over his shoulder and offered tweaks and suggestions. After a few meetings Henry was done and Robert uploaded the file to Shapeways. A few days later and a little Henry arrived in my mailbox.

There is also a bass guitar sculpt that Robert did and that should show up any day now. It was delayed due to a complication in some of the tuning pegs on the headstock but we've fixed those, resubmitted the file, and the bass is now on it's way to me in the mail.

All I have to do now is build a base structure for Henry and we'll have something new and cool to show off at the next convention we do to promote OilCan Drive.

Thanks go out to Robert for doing such a great job on something I would find almost impossible to do myself. He did a great job and, rumor has it, he'll be working on a Lily sculpt next. With how great Henry looks I can't wait to see how a 3D Lily will look.

Enjoy the sculpt and I'll be sure to post a few more pictures once the bass arrives and we get the base done.

Have a great day. See you all soon!

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