Friday, March 5, 2010

From The Vault - OilCan Drive 2002

I'm guessing this piece was done sometime in 2002, after I did the first OilCan Drive full color mini-comic.

The big concept behind OilCan Drive, and the reason I came up with it in the first place, was because it could be told in both long stories, short stories, and even single page comic books. I didn't need to do an eight issue story arc to tell the complete tale. I could do quick and simple stories like this one and still get away with it.

Of course, some of that concept went out the window when I found myself writing a full 120 page movie script for OilCan Drive a few years ago. But, that's what I like about it. It can support a long movie as easily as telling quick one page stories.

After doing that first mini comic I had the idea of doing single page comics telling the back story of each character. I had done an earlier version of how Nicole, the drummer, and Henry, the bass playing ape, grew up together loving music. Now, it was Ryan Burke, the lead singer's, turn.

Even with no dialogue you can look back into Ryan's life, see how he played hockey, got kicked out of the league, and made his way into the desert wastelands of the Zone. It even has a quick panel showing how Ryan's father was a famous military man who was lost in battle (one of the reason Ryan resents the military.)

The word balloons were supposed to have an interviewer asking Ryan questions as he responded. The last few panels had the interviewer asking, after being kicked out of the league, with no family, living in the wastelands, what did he do when his life was so low?

"Easy," Ryan responds, "I started a band..."

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