Thursday, March 25, 2010

Shirts and Bags

I've had these OilCan Drive t-shirts up at for a few years now. I don't make any money from them but I always thought it was a cool thing to have out there for sale if you happen to like the band. I personally have two of these shirts myself.

But, when I got these photos from my friend, Cyndi, in Texas, I saw the shirts in a whole new light.

Apparently, after wearing her shirt for long enough she cut it up and made it into this stylish bag. As Cyndi says, this has to make her OilCan Drive's number one fan. She has known about the project for a bunch of years and has always loved the characters. I think this little arts and crafts project of hers has really cemented the fact that she really is OilCan Drive's number one fan.

And, for the rest of you, the shirts are still available at HERE. Like I said, I don't make any money off of these at all and did them for fun. So, if you like the band, like the art, and were itching to part with twenty bucks, here's your chance.

Have a great day!

The original shirt before it's turned into a stylish shoulder bag.


rob! said...

You need to get some girls and have them wear one-size-too-small OCD t-shirts. Put those pics up on your Cafe Press page, and watch them fly out the door!

Manu Mane said...

I wonder if Lake Bell love men with french accent.....

Sorry, I get out...... lol

(Nice tee-shirt, Sean, I'll try to have one, I'm a fan too !!!!)

Sean Tiffany said...

Robbo, sounds like a good idea. And, I bet I could find some cute girls somewhere around Boulder to model the shirts for me. That may be something to think about.

And Manu, I think all women love French accents. I think your problem is that you're in France and all the guys sound just like you do. You need to get to America and work some of that magic.

Manu Mane said...

Seriously, one day in the future, I'll try to go to the United States, which I don't know ! I just became owner some weeks ago, and now I have a real home basis, one of my goal is to try to work in or for foreighn countries ! USA and Canada (I went two times in Montreal and I know the city very well) are on my list !

Sean Tiffany said...

I've been to Montreal and Quebec in Canada when I was a kid. Nothing like some woman at a water park yelling at you in French!

Manu Mane said...

Oh yesss, I know what you mean !!!!!! French canadian insults are quite savoury !!!!! :) ) ) ) ) ) )

But I don't know if american know, that their "french canadian" language is not exactly the same as ours ! Due to the fact they left Europe for 400 years, and developped their own way of speaking.

It's quite nearly the same, but a lot of expressions are typically "french canadian", and we don't have the same accent, which is a big topic of jokes between us and them, because sometimes, we don't understand each others ! :) )

One of the things they hate the most, are guys like me, who prefer to live in the "english" side of Montreal, and talk in english in Montreal, which is as international as an astroport ! For me it's easier, I had very bad experiences with some french canadians, even if I really love their accent ! They just are too much obsessed with politics for me.....

The best way to drive them mad is to tell them "tu peux répéter ? :) )" ("can you repeat ? :) )"), they really don't like it, but I understand ! When we come at theirs, WE have an accent and they just are in their own country lol !

But I'm sure you had wonderful moments, running away this yelling woman at this park !!! :) ) ) ) )