Saturday, March 20, 2010

Getting There

Geez, I actually started writing this blog post on Saturday morning and then the weekend completely got away from me. So, sorry for the delay. Here we go!

I finished up coloring both of these pieces the other day and here are the results. I also got a chance to pencil the desert scene background and sketch out the two little airships the band is using to race with.

I've never really done a cover like this before where I create all the elements separately and hope, in the end, that they all fit together. Usually I have an idea, do a quick thumbnail, and pencil the whole thing as one piece. I know what the finished piece will look like from the get go. I really don't know why I felt like doing all these pieces separately this time but it will be interesting to see if they all fit together. I've got my fingers crossed.

So, why did the weekend get away from me? One word...taxes.

Yeah, I finally started doing my taxes. I pulled out my shoebox full of receipts, dumped them on the floor, and started sorting and punching in the numbers. Tax time is the one time of the year I wish I had a simpler job where I did my work, got a check at the end of the week, and that was that. Deductions, estimated taxes, income from makes my head spin just thinking about it. But, they are almost done for another year so, in about a week, I can be happy I'm a professional artist again.

I also did some thumbnails for a new client project and even found some time to lay down the bass parts for three of OilCan Drive's songs. So, even with the crazy tax stuff I found some time to do a few creative things here and there.

We're getting there...

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