Friday, December 10, 2010

From the Vault - Skateboarding 2003

I figured since this week has been filled with me drawing new images of a skateboarding story that I'd dive into the vault and find an earlier piece I did that featured kids on boards and wheels.

I did this piece back in 2003 for The Weekly Reader magazine. I can't remember what the story was about but I think the illustration accompanied one of those plays they used to have in schools where the teacher would assign each student a character and then you'd all read the play aloud. Being a shy kid I never liked those days in class. But now that I'm the one sitting at home drawing the illustrations for those stories I don't seem to mind them at all.

What kills me about this piece is that the kids are skating by this poor woman so fast that it looks like she broke a few fingers on her left hand.



Jeff Lafferty said...

Cool man, I'm liking the daily updates to the blog.

Sean Tiffany said...

Me too...I'm glad I started again and got my groove back. I love doing the daily updates!

Glad you like it too!

rob! said...

This is great, such a perfect little scene. Love the floating groceries!