Monday, December 27, 2010

Peaks Island 2011 Calendar

One of the other things I've been slowly putting together has been a Peaks Island 2011 Calendar based on my Dad's photography that he posts over on his own blog.

For years there were a few people on the island who would put together a yearly calendar and, since 1993 or so, I've had one of these calendars on my wall to keep me company. But, a few years ago they stopped. I'm not sure if it was due to funding or time or what. All I knew is that I was in danger of not having photos of my home on my wall for the coming year.

So, I did what we Tiffanys seem to do well when dealing with such adversity. We did a calendar ourselves.

I took a few images off of my Dad's blog (luckily he posts very large images so the photos should look great when printed for the calendar.) and put together something for the new year. The funny thing I found while going through this past year's photos was that he had taken a few photos of the same locations during different times of the year. I'm not sure if it was intentional or not but it was really cool to see these places, almost taken from the same spot, during very different times of the year.

So, the calendar's photos have been chosen and now it's just a matter of getting a few of them printed up and sent out in the mail. I may have missed Christmas but I think I can get them to everyone before the start of the new year.

So, everyone, enjoy a few pictures of where I grew up from my Dad's point of view.

And, Dad, when you wonder why you keep the blog going and question yourself why you keep taking photos of the same five-mile-around island you now have your answer: because we'll need photos for next year's calendar!

Take care, everyone.

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