Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Here are few more pieces I did for the super hero project I've been working on for the past few months.

The good news is that the super hero pieces are going over great with both the client and the author of the book. The bad news is that we are still hitting snags here and there with the internal anatomy stuff that I showed yesterday.

It sounds like we have a new game plan that I am excited about and think will work well. I just wish we had thought of it three months ago. Ah well, that's how you learn things. By trying them out, figuring out what doesn't work, and trying a new path.

But at least the super hero shots, the things I felt I was really hired for, are looking good.

Maybe I should have gone to medical school or massage therapy school for anatomy. I'm sure it would have helped me more with the internal anatomy than phrases like, "when you see the line of Captain America's boot hit his costume, you'll see the muscles used in the leg."

Yes, that is what a human figure drawing class sounds like when you go to comic book school.

I may not be able to draw like the old master artists but I can draw the hell out of a cartoon super hero!

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