Sunday, December 5, 2010

On to the Color

The super hero art has been scanned into the computer and the color has been started.

I'm putting up not only the color work in progress of yesterday's piece but also the piece I was inking before the heat turned off and I bunkered down.

So far so good.

Looking at the heroes now, I think I subconsciously took some of their designs from a few Marvel and DC heroes and villains. I guess after growing up with comic books and being asked to draw my own versions of heroes it was inevitable that I'd use some ideas I had already seen before. In the end, though, I think these two are all mine.

I'm enjoying the way these pieces are progressing and once everything is done I'll show you how they all turned out.

But, for now, back to the color. Have a good one!


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Sean Tiffany said...

Wait until you see this piece finished. It looks like my old school Marvel coloring pieces!