Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Week Four Begins...

 Here are the silhouette pieces I did of both Ryan Burke and Vincent Spicer for the OilCan Drive project. Once again I left little pieces of them visible and I really like the look. These will definitely be used somewhere down the road.

I started week four of the OilCan Drive project today. For the past few weeks I've done a lot of sketching of pages and trading cards on Tuesdays. But, today I started in on the music side of the project. I wasn't sure how long tracking a song would take so I was hoping I could get most of the music done for the first song by dinner time. But, dinner rolled around and I had only just begun.

I finally finished getting everything done around ten pm and took the rest of the night off. I still have to go back through what I recorded today and figure out what I have but, from what I've heard so far, it's going to be good. I think of music like a jigsaw puzzle. The only difference is that you have to actually make the pieces yourself before you put the puzzle together. Today I made a bunch of puzzle pieces and I'm looking forward to putting them together into something special.

Tomorrow I'll jump back over to the art side and get the next page started and hopefully start to tackle the cover. I'm still on schedule but there always seems like something else to do so I never really stop worrying. But it's fun and there is no boss or client in this scenario but me. I don't even think anyone would notice or care if I never finished any of this stuff. But I know, for me, it matters and I'd hate myself if I didn't get these things done in my life.

So, I keep rolling forward and we'll see what happens.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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