Monday, February 11, 2013

Week One of Sixteen

About a week or so ago I sat down and figured out how many weeks I had left before the Denver Comic Convention started (taking place on May 31st-June 2nd). By my math, I had sixteen weeks left. And the pace I had set for myself in getting a new OilCan Drive page done each week was not going to cut it. I had eighteen pages to do and only sixteen weeks to get them done.

I'd have to at least double up two of those weeks if I had any hope of getting a new book done before the convention. This kind of made me nervous.

Then I sat down and made a list of all the things I wish I could bring to the convention if I only had the time. It was a dream list and included things on it that I have put off doing for years. I laid out the sixteen weeks on a piece of paper and figured out how much I would need to do each week if I was going to get the dream list done.

Then I figured, screw it, let's let it rip and see what happens.

So last week was the first week of the sixteen I had laid out for myself. And, I'm happy to say I actually got a little bit ahead. I got the OilCan Drive page completely done as well as a few other pieces of art.

One of these pieces is part of a set of OilCan Drive trading cards I plan to have on hand at my table. Here is a photo of the pencil sketch of Henry before I started inking away.

So far the schedule is going well. The only problem is that I've been so busy with the work I've laid out for myself as well as my client work that I forgot to write in my blog and keep you all in the loop on what's going on. But, I'll try and remedy that.

It should be an interesting bunch of weeks coming up. Will I get everything done? I have no idea. But, so far it's been a blast to throw myself into it and be as creative as possible as quickly as possible. I've missed doing stuff like this.

So, stick around to see if I succeed or crash and burn.

So far, so good. I'll see you tomorrow!

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