Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Sports Illustrated Kids August

 I'm feeling a bit better today but I know I'm still sick. I'm starting to work again but things are slow and I'm trying to take it easy as I try and catch up on some of the work I missed last week. But, even though they aren't going as quick as I like, things are slowly getting done.

Here are the illustrations from August's Sports Illustrated Kids "What's the Call?" article.

I remember the pole vaulter being a bit of a challenge as the art director and I tried to figure out the best pose to convey the action. It also needed to fit into a specific space so showing him from the side was out. But, I think between the two of us banging our heads together, this worked out well.

And, this was the first time I got to draw a race car for the magazine. Luckily I still had a lot of the reference I collected for cars from doing a four book stint on race cars for Stone Arch Books' Jake Maddox series.

I even used some of the old decals I created for those books on this car and you can see a lot of hidden companies in the logos. So, this one was really fun to do and especially fun to create all that smoke to convey that the car was being driven backwards across the finish line.

Tomorrow I'll probably take a break from the Sports Illustrated Kids stuff for a bit and show off a little bit more of what is actually on my desk right now.

So, until tomorrow, have a good one!

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