Friday, May 8, 2009

From the Vault - Emily 2007

Every once in a while, after doing countless kid's books and kid's magazines and kid's advertising, it's fun to just draw a sexy girl.

I met Emily Memorial Day Weekend, 2007, through Monika. Monika's madrigal singing group had roped me into being the sound engineer and producer of their album and it was on that day that I met the other members of her group, Annika, Dana, Leah, and Emily.

What the girls thought would be a walk in the park and wouldn't take more than a weekend of their time ended up taking over a year to finish. Just trying to get the girls to find the time to come up to Boulder and record their individual vocal tracks was hard. But, it finally got done and I was really proud of the way the album turned out. For a sample of the music, you can find the CD HERE.

And, during this time, Emily had a photo up on her Facebook page that caught my eye. Using it as reference I created the piece above. The lines inside her arms and body were meant as reference guides for the shadows if I ever painted the piece. I never did get a around to it but I think Emily was happy with the result nonetheless.

The original is hers and I hope she has it somewhere special.

So, now I've drawn Monika and Emily. Unfortunately Monika bowed out of the group this year before I had a chance to draw any of the other girls. But, it was always a plan of mine to make them all works of art.

Ah well, maybe someday. Two down, three to go.

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