Monday, May 25, 2009

Inking Away

So I am taking the extra day of the three day holiday weekend to try and catch up on some of the work I am doing for the Stone Arch Jake Maddox books.

Much to the dismay of my relationship and Monika, I spent all day Sunday inking away, trying to get as much done on the new basketball book as I can. My thinking is that if I get a lot of the kid's book work done, since no one will be in the office on Monday, I can then spend Monday doing some work on the OilCan Drive project.

So, here is a photo of me inking Sunday away. The good news is that I am in a good spot with the kid's book. I can spend most of the day Monday working on OilCan Drive and chipping away at those pages. The bad news is that I learned I should probably take Sundays off and spend some more time with Monika.

I do love Monika but Art is a hard mistress to beat. But, I'll try to get more done this week so I can take next Sunday off.

I promise.

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Life of a Diva... and Kick-Ass Chic! said...

Geez... that makes it sound like I "schooled" you into taking Sundays off... Rest assured that I didn't smack Sean around to get him to take the day off. I was sad, but not at him...

Oh well... c'est la vie

I just want you to take a day off sometimes... is all...