Friday, May 1, 2009

From the Vault - Ironstar 2000

Ironstar was a mini-graphic novel (I say mini because it was a complete story but only ran for 64 pages) that was the brain child of an old Kubert school alumni, Chris Wichtendahl.

It was after I had ended Exit 6 and I was in the middle of drawing a comic book for someone else that I just wasn't having any fun with. So, when Chris brought up the idea of working together and sent me the synopsis of this book I signed on. I bailed on the other book (I didn't feel too bad about it because I wasn't being paid for fact, on that book, the writer spent more money on a lawyer to have contracts drawn up to make sure I wouldn't get paid than just throw some money my way) and started planning out Ironstar.

It's a great concept and since I'm not the writer behind it I thought it might be better to hear about the concept in Chris' own words:

"In a far-distant future, the survival of Earth and all the planets of the Allied Systems will depend on Stef Astra, the half-breed offspring of an infamous Ironstar and her sentient battlesuit.

Exiled from her homeworld to the Outer Colonies, it is hoped by many in power that Stef will meet her end at the hands of the Digital Men. Ironstars and Federal Marines have fallen by the score to that army of robotic invaders from the Fringe, and the galactic government is having trouble keeping the war a secret from those on the core planets any longer.

Following the destruction of her transport, Stef will fight alone, with only two stoned robots and the last of the legendary Friend Ships to aid her.

Arrayed against this tiny band are the mechanical hordes of the Digital Men and their master, the malicious ancient cyborg Tholan Vekk."

The book was special to me for a number of reasons. One, it was the longest story I had drawn in one shot. Also, it was at a time when I was really getting into music so I would put various patches on the characters of the bands I was into at the time. And, while drawing one of the city-scapes I happened to put a few street signs up to let the viewer know where they were. One of those streets names?

Oilcan Drive.

Ironstar is still available for purchase. You can find a print book HERE or an e-book digital download HERE.

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