Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Back on the Clock

After a week of the blog being quiet I think it's time I got back on the clock and got back to work.

This last week has been a whirlwind of juggling client work, OilCan Drive work, trying to get stuff done for my upcoming wedding, and trying to get things squared away for the Denver Comicon that will be held a mere three days after I get back from my honeymoon. But, amidst all the craziness things are getting done.

Monika and I headed down to the hall of records last week and got our official marriage license taken care of. We also signed some other papers, got my ring ordered, and even found a free afternoon to slip away and see the new Avengers movie.

It's been an exhausting week and, to be honest, I feel like I never get enough done. But, at least for now, the blog is back online and I have some new posts planned this week to show off some of the give-a-way items I'll have at the Denver Comicon.

So, have a great night and I'll see you tomorrow.

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