Saturday, May 5, 2012

Love and Inks

A week or so ago my friend Thom Zahler of Love and Capes fame asked if I would like to ink one of his covers for an upcoming issue of his comic. I guess the newest series he is doing will have inks on each cover done by various artists and, somehow, he decided to ask me to join in on the fun.

So I agreed and before I knew it this blue-lined pencil sketch appeared in my email inbox. The last time I inked over another artist's pencils the actual penciled piece arrived in a FedEx box. I inked it up and sent it back the same way it had come. But, I guess this is the way the professionals do it now.

So I took the file, a nice piece of bristol board, and headed on down to Kinkos. I printed out the blue lined art on my piece of board and brought it home to ink.

It was fun to ink over the blue sketch because it meant I wouldn't have to do any erasing on any errant pencil lines. I inked away, hit the piece with some white out to clean up some of my mistakes, and called it a night.

Like I said, it's been a while since I inked over another artists pencils and it's been even longer since I inked over any of Thom's work. The last time I think I had the pleasure was in 1992, during our senior year of college. The assignment was to pencil three pages and then someone else in the class would ink them. So, Thom and I traded pages and went to town.

I hope he's as happy with this piece as I was and I'm really glad he thought of me to do it.

Of course, this time I had one request when he asked me to ink his work. I told him he had to let me color it too.

But, I have to save something for tomorrow.

Have a good one.

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