Sunday, May 6, 2012

Colored Capes

Once I'd inked Thom's cover for the newest Love and Capes issue I couldn't wait to start coloring it.

Because Thom had based the cover's idea on Drew Struzan's "Adventures in Babysitting" poster both Thom and I had the same idea to try and replicate a bit of the paint strokes Drew lays on his own board before he starts painting. So I did a bit of painting myself and scanned the patterns into the computer to use on this piece. If you look at both the background and the brick wall closely enough and you'll see hints of the patterns I created by hand to use in this digital painting.

The cityscape behind the characters came from a bunch of buildings Thom sent me that I then colored and placed into the background. While he didn't ask for it, I thought creating my own version of the Adventures in Babysitting logo and placing it on the billboard in the background fit perfectly.

When I was done with the piece I flattened the layers, saved the file, and sent it off to Thom.

Here's hoping he likes it and I'll let you know when the cover sees the light of day.

Have a good one.


Anonymous said...

Wow! One of my favourite artists doing a cover for one of my favourite titles based on the first movie I ever watched with my future wife. Looking forward to the RI cover, virgin cover and B&W variant. Nice work.

Sean Tiffany said...

I actually saw "Adventures in Babysitting" with my first girlfriend at the movie theater. Still, I think your story beats mine. And, I have no idea what the RI, Virgin, or Black and White variant covers are but I'm looking forward to Thom rolling those out as well!