Friday, May 11, 2012

You Can Pick Your Friends...

I feel like Jeff pushing me to go to the Denver Comic Convention in June has definitely opened up the door to a lot of things I've wanted to do with OilCan Drive over the last few years. So, along with books, paper toys, new business cards, and possible prints, I am now adding custom OilCan Drive guitar picks to the list of fun things I'll be surrounding myself with at my table.

The picks will be the same gauge of orange tortex plastic I use when I play my own guitars and will be double sided. I tried my best to figure out how to put everything on one side but it was hard to get the website across without messing up the art too much. So the decision to go with two sides seemed to be the best way to solve the problem. And, if these go well I figure I can always do more, put another character from the band on the next batch, and have the backs the same so I can make limited sets of guitar picks.

I think these will really be a fun and unique thing to give away to people visiting me at my table. I'm hoping they'll be even more popular than the business cards almost everyone else will be giving away. Plus, it really drives home the fact that OilCan Drive is not only a comic book project but also a musical project.

So, if you're in Denver for the Comic Con in June, come on over, say hi, and pick yourself up pick :)

Have a good one!

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